About Us

'Portstone' has been a family owned operation for over 30 years. Our aim is to provide the best service and gardening advice to our customers.

As well as knowing conventional gardening practices, our staff are also sympathetic to organic philosophies and can offer expert advice on natural and chemical free gardening. We have a number of organic products including sprays and fertilizers to choose from.

In our on-site nursery we manage our plants as organically as possible, feeding with liquid seaweed each week throughout the growing season.

We have a resident landscape designer with many years of experience who can help you design a new garden or just freshen up an old one. See our Landscape Page for more details. We have a vast range of products for your home and garden, so come in and be inspired.


Chris Smith - Manager


I have been at Portstone since 1992 I enjoy getting to know Portstone's customers and helping them enjoy their gardening experience and advising them on their gardening requirements.

Post earthquake has been emotional, learning that some of my customers are now no longer living in their established homes, but I have enjoyed being able to help by listening and together with our customers slowly re-establish the very beautiful eastern side of Christchurch.




 Bjorg  - Vege, Bedding, Perennial Area

I like working with plants and to be outside, although I have been know for feeling a little cold in winter. So if you see someone out in the bedding area, with 10 jackets, hats and gloves on, don't be afraid, its only me!

My role is looking after the bedding plants, perennials, herbs and roses.  Planting up baskets and creating displays, are two of my favourites.

I enjoy chatting to customers so please come and see me if your have any gardening questions.


Rosemary - Trees, Shrubs and Fruits

I joined the team at Portstone in 2004. Its a great place to work, with a team of lovely, friendly people and a great boss.

We all have a lot of fun here and this is what makes for a good shopping experience for our customers.

My area of responsibility is the buying of all the trees and shrubs, displaying them, keeping them healthy and happy, and keeping the shrub area clean and tidy.

Working with plants is so rewarding and can be very creative too.

Carol - Landscape Design

I have worked as a garden designer for 20 years, and been at Portstone since 2000.

What I love about my job is helping people achieve a garden with panache, but in a practical way.

I especially enjoy using a broad palette of plants - available of course at Portstone.

The best aspect of my job is the wide variety of customers I see, both in the garden centre and on their home turf.

Janet - Customer Service, Giftware

Having worked in the industry for over 35 years I have always loved being hands on with plants etc. About 3 years I jumped out of my comfort zone and took over running the shop and buying the giftware. I am really enjoying the challenge. I still love my plants and especially enjoy chatting to new and old customers, either about their gardens or the trials we are all experiencing after the quakes. Sometime just lending an ear is as good as seeing a counsellor.


Coming into our business full time was the perfect solution for me. To be able to support Chris in the administration area gave him the opportunity to be more with customers, which is his forte.

Anything to do with accounts, advertising, newsletters, website, facebook its me.

We have a really passionate team - our working environment is fabulous - how can you not feel good being amongst plants and with the cafe so handy coming to work is easy.