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Pea, Barley and Linseed straw is available now
Pea straw is a wonderful mulch to us - as it decomposes it adds nitrogen into
your soil, it helps improve soil structure and encourage worms to be active.
It is great for suppressing weeds, and we like that.
Barley straw is good for lining your chook layer areas or beds for
bunnies or guinea pigs.

Check out our new range of furniture and accessories
made from recycled tyres

Portstone is happy to accept Gold Card
and have been doing so for many years. You will receive 10% discount off your purchases (excluding specials) some conditions apply.

Portstone Gift Vouchers - perfect for garden lovers

Now is the time to talk to Carol, our resident landscape designer with many years of experience can help you design a new garden or just freshen up an old one. See our Landscape Page for more details. We have a vast range of products for your home and garden, so come in and be inspired.