Through the Seasons Week 1

In Annabel's first episode she will promote micro green seed mixes which we have in store now,

look out for Annabel (well a cardboard cut out) with the four seed varieties -
, beet, radish and rocket

Annabel advises using Seasol

The best way to create and maintain a stunning garden is to use garden fertilisers in addition to plant tonic. Seasol is a seaweed based plant tonic that has been used by Australian and New Zealand commercial growers and home gardeners for over 30 years.

Seasol is made from seaweed that is sustainably sourced. The naturally occurring growth stimulants in Seasol promote strong root growth, reduce transplant shock, improve germination rates and increase flowering and fruiting capacity.

Seasol contains potassium which promotes thicker, stronger cell walls. This means plants are more able to cope with stresses such as heat, drought and frost.

Seasol can be used in all gardening situations and at all times of the year when using a fertiliser may be inappropriate, for example during winter.

Give Seasol a try, you will be impressed.